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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Slated charge a fee to host my project profile?

Nope. Listing projects on Slated is free, as is networking with other members and our tools to help get your project discovered within the site.

Can you give more detail about how your reviewers assess each script or screener?

In a nutshell, your Script or Screening Score indicates the quality of your project: The higher your score, the better. Three reviewers evaluate each script or screener thoroughly, then provide an Overall rating on the “Pass / Consider / Recommend” spectrum and assign numerical scores for ten individual attributes of the material. The scoring formula weights some categories more heavily than others. Each reviewer’s ratings are converted into a score on a scale of 1 to 100, which are then combined to determine the Script or Screening Score.

Read more about the ten individual attributes for Script Analysis
Read more about the ten individual attributes for Screening Analysis

What if I don’t agree with the Script or Screening Analysis?

There’s no getting around the fact that story analysis is inherently subjective. Slated Analytics designed its process to be as objective as possible by applying the same set of rigorous standards to every script or screener, based on the criteria that buyers and reps themselves use to judge material. No matter how ‘original’ a script or screener may appear to the casual observer, the industry will instinctively look for meaningful comparisons when evaluating its storytelling elements. Slated Analytics’ story analysis anticipates that industry evaluation process for your benefit as writers, filmmakers, and producers.

Whether the coverage lauds your project or recommends further development, the points made will reference tried-and-true storytelling principles and cite specific examples (with page numbers or timecode) from the script or screener. And either way, displaying your Script or Screening Analysis to potential investors and partners is completely up to you. At the very least, the analysis will help you determine the most meaningful comparisons for your project and provide you with an early read on the industry’s likely response. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

How will my Script, Screening, and/or Financial Score impact my project’s Project Score?

While the exact weighting of each component score within the Project Score is proprietary, the Project Score will definitely increase when your Script, Screening, and/or Financial Analysis is delivered. The very fact that you have submitted your project for rigorous evaluation demonstrates professionalism and market awareness, both of which send out strong industry signals. How much your Project Score increases depends on the quality of your script or screener and financial prospects as they relate to expected production and marketing costs.

Who will see my Script, Screening, and/or Financial Analysis reports?

Your analysis reports are 100% confidential unless you choose to make them visible on your project profile page. Visibility settings for your project’s analysis are separate from your page’s overall settings, so you can choose to share with specific people, all Slated investors, or the entire Slated community.


Get Script or Screening Analysis to learn your Script or Screening Score. Details below. Projects with high Script or Screening Scores tend to get 10x the introduction volume to high scoring talent.

Get Financial Analysis to learn your Financial Score. Details below. Projects with high Script or Screening and Financial Scores tend to get 10x the investor, sales, and distribution introduction volume.

Personal scores are applied for free to every member based on their work history. They provide the basis for calculating each project’s Team Score.

Projects with 75+ Script, Screening, or Financial Scores may qualify for Slated’s Executive Producer Services, which helps qualified projects find production partners, secure valuable talent, and access Slated’s community of film financiers, sales agents, and distributors.

Script, Screening, and Financial Score Confidentiality
Your Script, Screening, and Financial Analyses are 100% confidential unless you choose to make them visible. When you’re ready to share, you can select which industry professionals have access.


Slated Analytics’ financial projections have been derived by analyzing — in minute detail — the performance factors of more than 10,000 released films. By arming yourself with the most meaningful comparative data, you and your team will have the earliest intelligence on what to expect from the marketplace at every stage in your project’s development cycle, from packaging to financing to sales. You’ll also demonstrate your professionalism and market awareness to potential investors.

You can also use simulations to confidentially see the impact of adding any cast, crew, companies, budget, and soft-money commitments you can conceive.

Your project’s Financial Analysis report includes data-driven projections and sensitivity analyses for the key elements that impact revenue.

Financial Analysis

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Release pattern of box office per theater counts
Team Score
Script or Screening Score
Production budget
Marketing budget
Release window projections by month

Likelihood Certified Fresh (not affiliated with Rotten Tomatoes)

The Team Score reflects the strength of the project’s team, on a 100 point scale, based on the Member Scores of the key talent and companies attached to the project.

Individual Member Scores are an estimate of each person’s potential to impact the commercial and artistic viability of the project. They are based on a blend of box office revenues and awards, adjusted for inflation and weighted towards more recent releases.

The combined chemistry of team members matters in the marketplace. Generally, the higher the project’s Team Score, the higher the return on investment.

Team Analysis

Analysis Fees

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FINANCIAL ANALYSIS VIDEO OVERVIEWDisclosuresRead: Using Science to Pick Hit Movies

Does Slated Analytics estimate sales to distributors?

No. Slated Analytics’ projections are estimates of the overall financial potential for your project at the consumer retail level, not how much a distributor might offer as a minimum guarantee for the rights to a specific format or territory.

What is the Likelihood Certified Fresh percentage, how is it calculated, and how does it relate to scores?

The Likelihood Certified Fresh percentage is the probability that a project will receive the Certified Fresh accolade from Rotten Tomatoes, a key driver of a film's financial performance.

Following a study showing the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh, profitable, and Oscar worthy, Slated's data science team built an estimator allowing all film industry participants to know the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh at the point of development. The estimator leverages Script or Screening Score, Team Score, and other key data points to generate the estimate.

This likelihood percentage is calculated as part of our Financial Analysis service, designed to help filmmakers show the true market potential of a project.

Slated is not affiliated with Rotten Tomatoes.

How accurate are Slated Analytics financial projections?

The Slated Analytics team constantly reviews and improves its models to ensure their accuracy and efficacy in a constantly evolving market.

The dataset includes financial elements (production and marketing budget), creative elements (genre and MPAA ratings), marketing elements (release date and theater count), and dozens of other data points, including team composition and script or screener quality.

The team is constantly expanding the reference data set and improving Slated Analytics’ algorithms to make sure its models remain as accurate as possible. Not only has this system been shown to be more accurate than current industry tracking, but it does so as early as the greenlight stage. That said, as anyone who knows statistics and portfolio theory can attest, the broader the sample set, the more reliable the associated projections can become.

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And, see sample projections

Are there example analyses to review?

Yes! Please check out any of these 200+ sample analyses. For each project, be sure to select the Script/Screening tab to see the Script or Screening Analysis, and the Financial tab to see the Financial Analysis.


Team Analysis


For every project

Appears automatically as you attach each team member

Members never pay for their personal score assessments

Script Analysis


Per draft

Delivered within
20 business days

Rush Delivery Add-on

Delivered within
5 business days

+ $100

Financial Analysis


One-time fee
Unlimited updates
Requires Script or Screening Analysis

Delivered within minutes when Script or Screening Analysis is completed

Consider the bundle to save

Analysis Bundle


Combines 1 FREE Script OR Screening Analysis
with unlimited
Financial Analysis

Delivered within
5 business days

Save $495
2-4x faster

than if purchased separately



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open in new tab: Achieving Alpha Part II: Picking hits (and avoiding misses) in film finance
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Screening Analysis


Per filmed cut

Delivered within
10 business days

Ideal for films in post-production, and to help fine tune before going out to sales and distribution companies


Script Analysis

Slated’s Script Analysis allows you to know your screenplay’s true quality, and what potential improvements to make.

You’ll get 18 hours of attention from 3 members of Slated’s development staff. You’ll also receive 10+ pages of incredible notes, plus a Script Score on a 100-point scale.

Our seasoned reviewers have each evaluated hundreds of produced and unproduced movies for studios, production companies, management companies, and agencies. Each reviewer is well versed in recent market material, and goes through a months-long training process prior to joining the Slated Analytics team.

Script Analysis has proven invaluable to hundreds of filmmakers, and helps immensely in the development process. The scores and feedback are always confidential unless you choose to share them. Script Scores can be used to attract the best producers and investors.

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SCRIPT ANALYSIS VIDEO OVERVIEWRead more about Script AnalysisRead: The Secret Formula Predicting Oscar Gold 2 Years in Advance

Slated Scores predict critical response, awards, and profitability

Slated's Screening Analysis for narratives and documentaries is a first-of-its-kind, secure, convenient, and cost-effective virtual test screening that gives filmmakers early insight into how their film could fare with festivals, sales companies, distributors, and audiences, and even critics, which you can get before the film is ever exposed.

Like Script Analysis, Screening Analysis gives you 10+ pages of incredible notes from Slated's development staff, plus a Screening Score. The scores and feedback are always confidential unless you choose to share them, and can be used to attract sales and distribution.

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Read more about Financial Analysis
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