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Slated’s Executive Producer Services team helps qualified projects find production partners, secure packageable talent, and access Slated’s community of film financiers, sales agents and distributors.
To be considered for Slated’s Executive Producer services, projects must have Package, Script and Financial Scores of 70+.
Talent Matching

Slated’s Deal Alerts matching system allows us to reach a pool of tens of thousands of industry professionals worldwide. In addition, we work closely with key talent agencies to ensure top scoring projects are exposed to packageable elements. (Slated’s Executive Producing Services fee would cover any related agency fees.)

Frequently Asked Questions
Does my project qualify?

While Slated’s self-service tools allow filmmakers to attract investors on an individual basis, our Deal Alerts are designed to reach our entire worldwide community of investors simultaneously. We tailor each deal alert to the needs of the project, and follow up with calls and emails to potential backers from our internal, curated lists of established financiers.

Investor Matching
Financing & Syndication Service

Through Slated Advisors' Syndicate Financing services, we facilitate investor vetting and introductions; manage the legal work involved with setting up the dedicated film funds through which all investors are funneled; handle collection and disbursement of funds; and take care of annual K1 reporting and all back office work. (Slated’s Executive Producing Services fee covers Slated Advisors’ fund management fees.)

Completion Bond Services

Every film that Slated Advisors helps finance requires a completion bond and we work closely with a leading completion bond provider to ensure your project is bondable. (Completion bond fees are not included in Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee.)


Through our Success Alerts and media relationships, Slated lets everyone in the industry know about each project we successfully service, providing that extra boost in visibility that can make the difference in a buyers’ market.

Sales & Distribution Matching

Our Deal Alerts matching system enables Slated to rapidly reach all sales agents and distributors worldwide. Additionally, we work closely with select film sales companies to ensure top scoring projects are on the radar. (Sales agency fees are not included in Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee.)

Collections Account Management

Every film Slated Advisors helps finance requires a CAM agreement. We work closely with a leading CAM provider to ensure they are able to collect revenues for your project. (CAM fees are not included in Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee.)

paid upon release of funds






paid after 120% budget recoupment

What are the fees?

Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee is 2-10% of the project’s budget plus 5-10% of the back-end after recoupment plus 20%. The fee includes some third party fees (e.g., Slated Advisors’ fund management fees, agency packaging fees, etc.) but not others (e.g., completion bond and CAM account fees). Slated’s fees are payable upon release of funds to the production; Slated receives no compensation for its Executive Producer Services unless the project goes into production.

What are Slated’s sales and distribution fees?

Slated does not currently provide sales and distribution services. Connecting you to film sales agencies and distributors would fall within our Executive Producer Services; no additional fees would apply.

What are the Collections Account Management fees?

Slated does not provide CAM services directly. As part of our Executive Producer Services we help connect your project to a leading CAM company, whose fees are separate from our own.

Does Slated require any Executive Producer credits?

No Slated employees receive individual credits on any of the projects we work on, but we do require a company card and credit along the lines of “In Association With Slated” in the main titles.

What are Slated’s completion bond fees?

Slated does not provide completion bond services directly. As part of our Executive Producer Services we help connect your project to a leading bonding company, whose fees are separate from our own.

To be considered for Slated’s Executive Producer Services, projects must have a Package Score of 70+. Additional considerations are listed below in the FAQ
Does my project qualify?

What other factors does Slated consider when deciding whether to Executive Produce a project?

  • Team Score - There’s no minimum Team Score necessary to qualify, but your team’s track record definitely matters. Our investor, sales and distributor community particularly looks for projects with name actors (scoring 70+), established producers (scoring 30+), and successful directors (scoring 30+). 
  • Script Score - Your script must score at least 75 to be considered as it significantly increases the likelihood of your project being "Certified Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes. Learn More.
  • Financial Score - Your project should score at least 90, which gives investors a higher probablity of seeing a positive return.
  • Budget - We need to know your budget has been prepared by a professional, and that it’s appropriate for the scope of your movie. Budgets that are too high or low given the team or genre are red flags for sophisticated investors. 
  • Financing Momentum - While not required, nothing builds confidence more than showing traction with your existing investor network.
  • Good Deal Terms - Unusually favorable deal terms can help get investors on board, especially if some financing is already in place.
  • Marketability - Projects with clear target audiences and strong “hooks” (e.g. the cast, or the concept, or the filmmakers, or all three) are the holy grail for investors and distributors alike.
  • Marketing Material - An enticing poster and compelling pitch video on your film profile are valuable tools no matter what stage your project is in.
  • Filmmaker Engagement - The best person to pitch your project is always you, so we look for filmmakers who see working with Slated as a long term partnership.
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