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Our Executive Producer Services team helps qualified projects find production partners, secure valuable talent, and access Slated’s community of film financiers, sales agents, and distributors.

To be considered for Slated’s Executive Producer services, projects must have a Script, Screening, or Financial Score of 75 or higher.


If your project is selected, our EP Services team provides hands-on, day-to-day support.

Activate our investor network

Introduce to casting directors and talent

Advise on budget and financing structure

Advise on development of the script

Advise on packaging

Activate our sales and distribution network


How we help

Deal Alert Matching

Our Deal Alerts can reach tens of thousands of industry professionals, investors, sales agents, and distributors worldwide.

In accordance with the needs of the project, we work to ensure top scoring projects are exposed to elements such as producers or casting directors, who can help with the packaging process.

We tailor each deal alert to the needs of the project, and follow up with calls and emails to potential backers from our internal, curated lists of established financiers.

For projects seeking sales and distribution, we also create personalized notifications to send out to our network of film sales and distribution companies. (Sales agency fees are not included in Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee.)

Financing & Syndication Service, Completion Bond, Collections

We facilitate investor vetting and introductions.

Every project Slated Advisors helps finance requires a CAM agreement. We work closely with a leading CAM provider to ensure they are able to collect revenues for your project. (CAM fees are not included in Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee.)


Through our social media, newsletters, and media relationships, Slated lets everyone in the industry know about each project we successfully service, providing that extra boost in visibility that can make the difference in a buyers’ market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other factors does Slated consider when deciding whether to Executive Produce a project?

Team Score — There’s no minimum Team Score necessary to qualify, but your team’s track record definitely matters. Our investor, sales, and distributor community particularly looks for projects with name actors (scoring 70+), established producers (scoring 30+), and successful directors (scoring 30+).

Script or Screening Score — Your script or screener must score at least 75 to be considered as it significantly increases the likelihood of your project being “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes.

Financial Score — Your project should score at least 75, which gives investors a higher probability of seeing a positive return.

Budget — We need to know your budget has been prepared by a professional, and that it’s appropriate for the scope of your movie. Budgets that are too high or low given the team or genre are red flags for sophisticated investors.

Financing Momentum — While not required, nothing builds confidence more than showing traction with your existing investor network.

Good Deal Terms — Unusually favorable deal terms can help get investors on board, especially if some financing is already in place.

Marketability — Projects with clear target audiences and strong “hooks” (e.g. the cast, or the concept, or the filmmakers, or all three) are the holy grail for investors and distributors alike.

Marketing Material — An enticing poster and compelling pitch video on your film profile are valuable tools no matter what stage your project is in.

Filmmaker Engagement — The best person to pitch your project is always you, so we look for filmmakers who see working with Slated as a long term partnership.

What are the fees?

Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee is determined on a case by case basis, in addition to the standard Slated Marketplace Success Fees.

How do I apply?

There is no application process, per se. Simply get analysis. If your project earns a Script Score of at least 75, our team will reach out to you. Learn more about Analysis Services

Slated Q&A on Clubhouse
Slated Q&A on Clubhouse
As directors who've had our documentary work premiere at Cannes and Sundance, we wanted to be sure that our first narrative feature was landing in the right hands for sales and distribution. Luckily, we connected with Slated at just the right moment. Our high Screening Score yielded multiple sales offers in a matter of weeks, and ultimately matched us with the absolute perfect sales partner."
Rebecca and Josh Tickell, Writer/Directors
(On Sacred Ground)
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