Slated Marketplace Fee Agreement
This agreement between you and Slated, Inc. (“Slated”) specifies what your production will pay Slated for usage of Slated’s marketplace and services in successfully helping your project get made or sold. 

What triggers Slated Marketplace Fees?
Your production only pays Slated for successfully finding and attaching key team members via Slated, as listed below:

  • 1% of production budget + 1% of net profits for one or more cast attachments.
  • 1% of production budget + 1% of net profits for one or more crew attachments (includes writer, director, producer).
  • 3% of production budget + 3% of net profits for one or more  investor attachments (includes producer or executive producer attachments that lead to financing).
  • 4% of gross sales for one or more sales agent or distributor attachments.
  • An "In Association With Slated" company credit and logo in main titles, end credits, and billing block.

Packaging and financing fees are due when your project goes into production. Sales and distribution fees are collected from revenues after release. Net profits are due after your project recoups 120% of its production budget.

If your project never commences production, or if your project doesn’t attach any team members via Slated, then you owe us nothing at all. Note: Select qualifying projects may be eligible for our Executive Producer Services, which have separate fees. 

Fees payable to Slated from the production budget must be paid in full no later than the first day of principal photography. You shall provide Slated with a copy of the full production budget in advance of paying the fee.

What does “via Slated” mean exactly?
If you use Slated’s tools to introduce yourself and/or your project to people and companies who subsequently become attached to your project, then that’s considered “via Slated.”

How do you define “net profits?”
“Net profits” are any and all revenue received by or credited to your project from any and all sources after your project recoups 120% of the cost of production, including any deferred fees (capped at 20% of budget). The definition of net profits shall be no less favorable than the definition accorded to any other participant and there shall be no other earlier or more favorable definition. Slated’s portion of net profits shall be accounted for and paid on a most favored nations basis with all other participants, and Slated shall have customary audit and accounting rights on a most favored nations basis with all participants. In addition, you agree to engage an approved collection account manager (Fintage and Freeway are pre-approved), and to include Slated as a party to the collection account management agreement so we can receive our portion of net profits directly.

When, and how, do I make my Slated Marketplace Fee payment?
Slated will invoice your production. The invoice will reflect the budget and note which attachments came via Slated; payment will be due upon commencement of principal photography (or as otherwise noted on the invoice). Payment may be made via wire transfer (instructions will be included on the invoice).

What on-screen credits does Slated receive?
Subject to distributor approval, an "In Association With Slated" company credit on a single card and animated logo credit in the main titles, adjacent to all other production company credits, in a size, type, style and duration no less favorable than any other company credit on the film. Slated’s “In Association With” credit and bug logo shall also appear in the billing block, in paid advertisements and wherever else the billing block appears, including in ancillary materials, in a size, type, style and duration no less favorable than any other production company credit.

Is this the entirety of the agreement?
Yes, other than adding that these terms and conditions shall be interpreted and governed by California law.

At what point does the Slated Marketplace Fee Agreement come into effect?
The first time you make your project profile visible to the marketplace, you will be prompted to review and agree to the Slated Marketplace Fee Agreement. You will then receive a confirmation by email that is signed and time stamped.

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All rights reserved. © 2020 Slated, Inc.



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