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Slated Analytics' Financial Analysis allows you to show your project's true value to over 2,000 investors, sales agents, and distributors.
Why use Slated Analytics' Financial Analysis Service?
Show your project's true value 

Every Financial Analysis bolsters your project by demonstrating your professionalism and market awareness. Third party, objective analysis serves as a confidence boost for your prospective financing and distribution partners, providing concrete reasons to join your project. And a prized few will stand out even more in industry eyes: The higher the ratio of your projected worldwide revenue to your production and marketing spend, the stronger the signal to Slated’s community of creative talent and financing professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slated Analytics’ financial projections have been derived by analyzing - in minutest detail - the performance factors of more than 10,000 released films. By arming yourself with the most meaningful comparative data, you and your team will have the earliest intelligence on what to expect from the marketplace at every stage in your project’s development cycle, from packaging to financing to sales.

Data-driven projections of your project’s potential
Optimize your project's performance 

Your project’s Financial Analysis report includes data-driven projections and sensitivity analyses for the key elements that impact revenue: Production and marketing budgets, release window and theater counts, and Team and Script Strength scores.


Your report is 100% confidential unless you choose to make it visible. When you’re ready to share it, you can select which investors and other industry professionals have permission to see it.

What exactly do you mean by "Financial Analysis"?

By "Financial Analysis" we mean revenue projections for your film in all the major revenue streams:

  • Worldwide Theatrical Box Office
  • Worldwide Free and Pay TV
  • Worldwide Video (All Formats*)

Who will see my projections?

Your Financial Analysis report is 100% confidential unless you choose to make it visible on your project profile page.

Visibility settings for your project’s projections are separate from your page’s overall settings, so you can choose to share it with all, select, or no Slated investors.

How long will it take to receive my Financial Analysis report?

Generally speaking, turnaround times are 5 business days. Projections are delivered on a first come/first served basis, and if the queue is particularly full it may take longer than usual.

Estimated delivery dates will be provided at the time you purchase your Financial Analysis.

What about streaming/VOD revenue?

Currently, there isn’t enough publicly available data on streaming and VOD revenue to break it out into its own bucket. Slated will continue crowdsourcing that data from its community, though, and Slated Analytics will include it in the “worldwide video” model until it is large enough to become it’s own projection.

What’s the difference between my project’s Package Score, Team Score, Script Score, and Financial Score?

Slated Analytics' Package Score is based on three of the elements investors would want to know about every project:

  • Team Strength - the Team Score is a measure of how reliable your project’s team is;
  • Script Strength - the Script Score is a measure of good your script is; and
  • Financial Strength - your Financial Score indicates your project’s financial prospects.

Slated Analytics' Team Score, Script Score and Financial Score are all on a 100 point scale:

  • Team Score is based on the individual scores of each person attached to your project.
  • Script Score incorporates each of the 11 ratings the readers have given your screenplay.
  • Financial Score is calculated based on your project’s costs and revenue projections.
See sample analyses of 100 released films

What is included in the report?

In addition to forecasting your project’s worldwide commercial potential based on your project’s existing profile, Slated Analytics also runs sensitivity analyses so you can see what your project’s potential North American box office receipts would be in other scenarios. Those sensitivity analyses include:

  • Release Pattern (for 10 different theater counts)
  • Team Score (showing the effect of your project’s Team Score)
  • Script Score (showing the effect of your project’s Script Score)
  • Production Budget (for 10 different budget levels)
  • Marketing Spend (for 8 different budget levels)
  • Release Window (for all 12 calendar months)

How did you develop your financial projection models?

Slated Analytics started by collecting data for over 10,000 released films. The dataset includes financial elements (production and marketing budget), creative elements (genre and MPAA ratings), marketing elements (release date and theater count), and dozens of other data points, including team composition and script quality.

The data science team is led a Ph.D. in statistics whose experience includes years of “Moneyball”-style player performance prediction models for one of the premiere teams in Major League Baseball. He and the rest of the team analyzed the data to determine the variables that most closely correlate to movies’ financial performance.

Once the team determined which variables affect a project’s potential financial performance, they built algorithms that forecast the performance of projects at the development stage. These algorithms are constantly monitored to make sure they reflect current market conditions.

How accurate are Slated Analytics financial projections?

The team is constantly expanding the reference data set and improving Slated Analytics’ algorithms to make sure its models remain as accurate as possible. Not only has this system been shown to be more accurate than current industry tracking, but it does so as early as the greenlight stage. That said, as anyone who knows statistics and portfolio theory can attest, the broader the sample set, the more accurate the associated projections can become.

Who will be analyzing my project's financial potential?

Slated Analytics’ team of data scientists is anchored by a Ph.D. in Statistics whose experience includes years of “Moneyball”-style player performance prediction models for one of the premiere teams in Major League Baseball. Slated Analytics’ team constantly reviews and improve its models to ensure their accuracy and efficacy in a constantly evolving market.

How will my Financial Score impact my project’s Package Score?

While the exact weighting of each component score within the Package Score is based on a shifting matrix of variables, your project’s Package Score will definitely increase when your Financial Analysis is delivered. The very fact that you have submitted your project for rigorous evaluation demonstrates professionalism and market awareness, both of which send out strong industry signals. How much your Score increases depends on the financial prospects of your project as it relates to expected production and marketing costs.

Does Slated Analytics estimate sales to distributors?

No. Slated Analytics’ projections are estimates of the overall financial potential for your project at the consumer retail level, not how much a distributor might offer as a minimum guarantee for the rights to a specific format or territory.

Need to know how much your movie could make?

Now you can. Just like the big studios, you can now ‘run the numbers’ on your projects an unlimited number of times to see what combinations of talent and financial plans make best sense for your chosen screenplays. Want to know how your dream team of collaborators stacks up? You can test any combinations you choose by taking advantage of the “verify later” option when adding project attachments. In complete confidentiality, you can see the impact of adding any cast, crew, companies, budget & soft-money commitments you can dream up, then click on the "update" button on your Financial Analysis, and within moments, your projections are updated. The only person that sees those new numbers is you.

Higher Scores Mean Higher ROIs and Investor Interest

As you can see from the graph, our proprietary scoring system allows us to determine which films have the potential to generate a positive return based on their package score. Those projects receive more introductions to investors, talent and industry partners. So keep boosting your team, improving your script and adjusting your financials - it makes a real difference.



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Following a recent study 
showing the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh, profitable and Oscar

Know the likelihood of your movie being Rotten Tomatoes® Certified Fresh

worthy, Slated’s data-science team built an estimator allowing all film industry participants to know the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh at the point of development.  The estimator leverages Script Score, Team Score and other key data points to generate the estimate.

Following a recent study showing the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh, profitable and Oscar worthy, Slated’s data-science team built an estimator allowing all film industry participants to know the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh at the point of development.  The estimator leverages Script Score, Team Score and other key data points to generate the estimate.

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