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In Slated’s analytics forward test of 100+ movies pre-release:

We correctly predicted 80% of both the “hits” and the “misses”

Our synthetic portfolio outperformed market ROI by 2.8X


Your project’s Financial Analysis report includes data-driven projections and sensitivity analyses for the key elements that impact revenue.

Release pattern of box office per theater counts
Team Score
Script or Screening Score
Production budget
Marketing budget
Release window projections by month

Likelihood Certified Fresh (not affiliated with Rotten Tomatoes)

As investors we’re constantly searching for projects that stand out of a crowded market. Slated made it easier than ever before to find a winning project.

— Justin Begnaud, Executive Producer & Investor (Super Troopers 2, Chef) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Slated charge a fee to host my project profile?

Nope. Listing projects on Slated is free, as is networking with other members and our tools to help get your project discovered within the site.

How will my Script, Screening, and/or Financial Score impact my project’s Project Score?

While the exact weighting of each component score within the Project Score is proprietary, the Project Score will definitely increase when your Script, Screening, and/or Financial Analysis is delivered. The very fact that you have submitted your project for rigorous evaluation demonstrates professionalism and market awareness, both of which send out strong industry signals. How much your Project Score increases depends on the quality of your script or screener and financial prospects as they relate to expected production and marketing costs.

Who will see my Script, Screening, and/or Financial Analysis reports?

Your analysis reports are 100% confidential unless you choose to make them visible on your project profile page. Visibility settings for your project’s analysis are separate from your page’s overall settings, so you can choose to share with specific people, all Slated investors, or the entire Slated community.

Does Slated Analytics estimate sales to distributors?

No. Slated Analytics’ projections are estimates of the overall financial potential for your project at the consumer retail level, not how much a distributor might offer as a minimum guarantee for the rights to a specific format or territory.

What is the Likelihood Certified Fresh percentage, how is it calculated, and how does it relate to scores?

The Likelihood Certified Fresh percentage is the probability that a project will receive the Certified Fresh accolade from Rotten Tomatoes, a key driver of a film's financial performance.

Following a study showing the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh, profitable, and Oscar worthy, Slated's data science team built an estimator allowing all film industry participants to know the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh at the point of development. The estimator leverages Script or Screening Score, Team Score, and other key data points to generate the estimate.

This likelihood percentage is calculated as part of our Financial Analysis service, designed to help filmmakers show the true market potential of a project.

Slated is not affiliated with Rotten Tomatoes.

How accurate are Slated Analytics financial projections?

The Slated Analytics team constantly reviews and improves its models to ensure their accuracy and efficacy in a constantly evolving market.

The dataset includes financial elements (production and marketing budget), creative elements (genre and MPAA ratings), marketing elements (release date and theater count), and dozens of other data points, including team composition and script or screener quality.

The team is constantly expanding the reference data set and improving Slated Analytics’ algorithms to make sure its models remain as accurate as possible. Not only has this system been shown to be more accurate than current industry tracking, but it does so as early as the greenlight stage. That said, as anyone who knows statistics and portfolio theory can attest, the broader the sample set, the more reliable the associated projections can become.

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And, see sample projections

Are there example analyses to review?

Yes! Please check out any of these 200+ sample analyses. For each project, be sure to select the Script/Screening tab to see the Script or Screening Analysis, and the Financial tab to see the Financial Analysis.

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