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When you join Slated, we’ll create a detailed profile for you to share your professional interests and work history. Slated Analytics will automatically generate your free Member Score, which enables the platform to match you with the right projects, talent, financing, and distribution opportunities.

Filmmakers, you can create profiles for as many of your projects in development, production, or distribution as you wish, and control their privacy settings. Each project profile helps you put your best foot forward to the industry, complete with optional video, meta data, and marketing links.

Use Opportunity Matching

Slated accelerates the project packaging process with rapid and precise matching between a project’s Opportunities and the Interests of thousands of professionals across the industry.

Filmmakers can add as many cast, crew, financing, sales, and distribution Opportunities as desired, and be as specific on qualifications as needed.

Visit the “Matches for you” or “Matches for your projects” pages anytime to quickly access a collection of all matches that align with your needs. Or, sit back and wait for the email digest to come to you.

Network & Message

Select the “Send Interest” button for any of your matches to message them privately. Everyone has complete control over whose messages to accept or confidentially ignore.

Use the “Track” button to follow any project or member you are interested in keeping tabs on.

Share updates about yourself publicly to all of your trackers. Share updates about your projects publicly with all of the project trackers, your trackers, and/or the project team’s trackers — that can be quite a networking reach!

Filmmakers, you will only pay us for matching services if your project goes into production, and only for successfully finding and attaching key team members via Slated.

Packaging and financing fees due when your project goes into production. Sales and Distribution fees due at release. Net profits due after your project recoups 120% of its production budget.

1% of production budget + 1% of net profits for one or more cast attachments.
1% of production budget + 1% of net profits for one or more crew attachments (includes writer, director, producer).
3% of production budget + 3% of net profits for one or more  investor attachments (includes producer or executive producer attachments that lead to financing).
4% of gross sales for one or more sales agent or distributor attachments.
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A producer and production company discovered my drama this week here on and I’m so excited.”

Shaune Bordere, Filmmaker

John C Hall, Producer
former EVP at Universal Pictures

It’s the best platform for packaging up projects with talent and investors, backed by next-generation analysis.”

Fleur Whitlock, Art Director

Excellent way to tap into projects in development and connect with potential crew”

30,000+ accepted match introductions between cast, crew, investors, sales agents, distributors, and 3,000+ projects

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