Slated currently has over a dozen movies in production or post-production, including OH CANADA starring Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, Michael Imperioli, and Jacob Elordi and PLEASE DON'T FEED THE CHILDREN starring Michelle Dockery and Giancarlo Esposito.

Slated's predictive analytics have been covered by Variety, The Wrap, and The Hollywood Reporter. Its Script Analysis is the first coverage proven to predict good films. Its Financial Analysis was proven to gate out 80% of the "misses" and gate in 80% of the "hits" in a study that was covered by The Hollywood Reporter.

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Other Slated-financed films star Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen, Ron Perlman, and Bruce Dern.

Output Deals

Slated is the first film marketplace to secure output deals for its projects as written about in Deadline and Variety.

How do I qualify for Slated's Executive Producer support? 
Slated's EP Team may consider projects with 75+ Script, Screening, and/or Financial Scores. You may submit directly for analysis here.

Is Slated's EP Support non-exclusive?
Yes. Filmmakers are encouraged to continue working with their producing team, agents, and traditional support network. Working with Slated does not preclude support from or collaboration with other entertainment companies. 

What's the cost to submit? 
Slated membership is currently FreeListing a film is also currently Free. Users are not required to pay for analysis. However, if you choose to submit for Script Analysis, the price is $395. This pays for three individual coverages on your script from three professional story analysts who spend 15+ collective hours reviewing the material. You'll receive 10+ pages of detailed feedback in addition to a Script Score. A 75+ Script Score generally provides filmmakers with more matches on the platform, and may qualify the project for a conversation with Slated's EP Team. 

Is my project kept confidential? 
Film pages may be kept entirely private/hidden (visible only to you), visible only to matches (that you designate), or visible more broadly if you so choose. Should you choose to submit your project for Script or Financial Analysis, your analysis will be delivered privately to your film page. In other words, Script/Financial Analysis is hidden by default. After analysis is delivered, you may then choose to make that analysis visible to others on the platform or keep it private if you wish. Filmmakers can also hide their film pages at any time after making them visible.

What happens if my script doesn't score 75+?
All Script Analysis is draft-based, and Script Scores can increase when new drafts are submitted. Filmmakers always have the choice which analyses/Script Scores to share and which to hide. So, if a Script Score on your new draft is higher than your earlier draft, you can hide your older Script Score and only share the comments/scores associated with your preferred Script Analysis. 

More Questions?
Click the orange chat bubble in the lower-right to speak to our customer support team now. You can also speak to our EP team LIVE every Tuesday at 1pm PT via the Clubhouse link below.

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Slated is an invaluable resource for filmmakers and investors. The EP Team works tirelessly to support strong independent film and has brought financing to several of my projects over the years."

- Robert Rippberger - Director/Producer
Slated had a transformative impact on our film. Thanks to the EP Team's work introducing us to distributors, our vital story about American history and culture will be shared for the first time with film audiences around the world."

- Ashbell McElveen - Writer/Producer
Slated was extremely helpful to me as we put together the movie. The EP team introduced at least a dozen interested investor companies to the project, two of whom ultimately participated."

- Anne Clements - Producer
As directors who've had our documentary work premiere at Cannes and Sundance, we wanted to be sure that our first narrative feature was landing in the right hands for sales and distribution. Luckily, we connected with Slated at just the right moment."

- Josh & Rebecca Tickell

Other Slated-listed movies include the Oscar-winning SOUND OF METAL, the Oscar-nominated LOVING VINCENT, UNCUT GEMS, and THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON. Slated-listed movies have collectively grossed more than $500M at the box office.

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The Slated team was extremely helpful on SUMMONING SYLVIA.  I would highly recommend Slated to anyone looking to get the best deal for their completed film."

- Cody Lassen, Producer

Slated's Executive Producer team has delivered financing and distribution to over 50 movies, including recent films starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Daisy Ridley, Marion Cotillard, and Billy Porter.

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