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Slated Analytics' Script Analysis allows you to show your project's true value to over 2,000 investors, sales agents and distributors.
Why use Slated Analytics' Script Analysis Service?

Slated Analytics' Script Analysis service has been calibrated through the process of analyzing hundreds of produced feature-length screenplays. In a recent study, Slated found the likelihoods of a movie being Rotten Tomatoes® Certified Freshprofitable and Oscar worthy, is knowable at the point of development. Simply put, every 5 point increment over 75 in your Slated Script Score significantly boosts your likelihood of critical acclaim and strong financial returns. 

To find out the likelihood of your movie being Certified Fresh be sure to activate Slated’s Financial Analysis service, which includes a Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh estimator which leverages your Script Score, Team Score and other key data points to generate an estimate for your project 

Frequently Asked Questions


Script Analysis

Per draft

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20 business days



Rush Delivery

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5 business days

Does Slated charge a monthly fee to host my project profile?

Nope. Listing projects on Slated is free, as is networking with other members and our tools to help get your project discovered within the site.

Can you give me an overview of how your readers assess each script?

In a nutshell, your Script Score indicates the quality of your screenplay: The higher your score, the better. Three readers read each script thoroughly, then provide an Overall rating on the "Pass / Consider / Recommend" spectrum and assign numerical scores for ten individual attributes of the material. The scoring formula weights some categories more heavily than others. Each reader's ratings are converted into a score on a scale of 1 to 100, which are then combined to determine the Script Score.

Read more about the ten individual attributes we evaluate for each script , as well as the questions the readers consider for each element.

What if I don’t agree with the readers' assessments?

There's no getting around the fact that story analysis is inherently subjective. Slated Analytics designed its process to be as objective as possible by applying the same set of rigorous standards to every script, based on the criteria that buyers and reps themselves use to judge material. No matter how ‘original’ a script may appear to the casual observer, the industry will instinctively look for meaningful comparisons when evaluating its storytelling elements. Slated Analytics’ story analysis anticipates that industry evaluation process for your benefit as writers, filmmakers and producers.

Whether the coverage lauds your project or recommends further development, the points made will reference tried-and-true storytelling principles and cite specific examples (with page numbers) from the script. And either way, displaying your Script Analysis to potential investors and partners is completely up to you. At the very least, the analysis will help you determine the most meaningful comparisons for your script and provide you with an early read on the industry’s likely response. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

What’s the difference between my project’s Package Score, Team Score, Script Score, and Financial Score? And what about those individual scores on my Script Analysis?

Slated Analytics’ Package Score is based on the three main things investors want to know about every project:

  • Team Strength - the Team Score is a measure of how reliable your project’s team when it comes to executing on the creative vision and finance plan;
  • Script Strength - the Script Score is a measure of your script’s creative value;
  • Financial Strength - your Financial Score indicates your project’s financial prospects in the prevailing marketplace.

Slated Analytics’ Team Score, Script Score and Financial Score are all on a 100 point scale:

  • Team Score is based on the individual scores of the people each person attached to your project, as well as your distributor or film sales agent (as applicable).
  • Script Score incorporates each of the 11 ratings the readers have given your screenplay.
  • Financial Score is a quotient that is calculated around your project’s costs and global revenue projections.

By contrast, the 11 individual scores on your Script Analysis use two scales:

  • The Overall Rating uses the traditional Pass / Consider / Recommend spectrum, with the addition of Strong Pass and Strong Recommend for exceptionally weak or strong scripts, respectively.
  • The 10 individual ratings (Dialogue, Structure, Character, etc.) are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being highest.
Higher Scores Mean Higher ROIs and Investor Interest

As you can see from the graph, our proprietary scoring system allows us to determine which films have the potential to generate a positive return based on their package score. Those projects receive more introductions to investors, talent and industry partners. So keep boosting your team, improving your script and adjusting your financials - it makes a real difference.

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How long will it take to receive my coverage?

As a general guideline, turnaround times are:

  • 20 business days for Regular service; and
  • 5 business days for Rush service (available for an additional fee).

Coverage is delivered on a first come/first served basis, and if the queue is particularly full it may take longer than usual. Estimated delivery dates will be provided at the time you purchase your Script Analysis.

Who will see my report?

Your Script Analysis is 100% confidential unless you choose to make it visible on your project profile page. Visibility settings for your project’s coverage are separate from your page’s overall settings, so you can choose to share it with specific people; all Slated investors; or the entire Slated community.

How will my Script Score impact my project’s Package Score?

While the exact weighting of each component score within the Package Score is based on a shifting matrix of variables, your project’s Package Score will definitely increase when your Script Analysis is delivered. The very fact that you have submitted your project for rigorous evaluation demonstrates professionalism and market awareness, both of which send out strong industry signals. How much your Score increases depends on the quality of your script.

Slated Analytics’ evaluation team is comprised of seasoned readers, each of whom have evaluated hundreds of produced and unproduced scripts at agencies, management companies, development departments and in other professional environments. Each reader is well versed in recent market material and goes through a thorough training process prior to being approved to review Slated members’ material. The readers are comprised of both men and women from varied backgrounds and age groups. Readers are assigned on a double-blind randomized basis, they don't know who the submitters of the projects are, and the submitters don't know who the readers are, in order to avoid any selection bias. Each script is quantified and qualified across 11 different criteria, and averaged across three readers’ independent evaluations. You and your team can feel confident your project has been professionally and objectively vetted before going into production.

A Trusted Methodology
Clear Roadmap to Polish Your Draft

Don’t wait until it’s too late to present the best possible version of your project -- armed with Slated Analytics’ Script Analysis, you’ll be able to make improvements when it still matters. And when 3 readers independently cite the same issues with your material, you’ll know exactly what to work on. While the revision process is not always linear, in some cases, we have seen Script Scores increase by as much as 20 points across multiple submissions.


Your coverage is 100% confidential unless you choose to make it visible. When you’re ready to share it, you can select which investors and other industry professionals have permission to see it.

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