Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give more detail about how your evaluators assess each script?

In a nutshell, your Script Score indicates the quality of your screenplay: The higher your score, the better. Three readers read each script thoroughly, then provide an Overall rating on the “Pass / Consider / Recommend” spectrum and assign numerical scores for ten individual attributes of the material. The scoring formula weights some categories more heavily than others. Each reader’s ratings are converted into a score on a scale of 1 to 100, which are then combined to determine the Script Score.

Read more about the ten individual attributes we evaluate for each script, as well as the questions the readers consider for each element.

open in new tab: The Secret Formula Predicting Oscar Gold 2 Years in Advance
Read: The Secret Formula Predicting Oscar Gold 2 Years in Advance

Who will see my Script and/or Financial Analysis reports?

Your analysis reports are 100% confidential unless you choose to make them visible on your project profile page. Visibility settings for your project’s analysis are separate from your page’s overall settings, so you can choose to share with specific people, all Slated investors, or the entire Slated community.

Are there example analyses to review?

Yes! Please check out any of these 200+ sample analyses. For each project, be sure to select the Script tab to see the Script Analysis, and the Financial tab to see the Financial Analysis.

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3 trained professionals evaluate your script, provide 10+ pages of detailed notes, and assign a Script Score  

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Slated's Evaluation Team

Team members have won Emmys for producing, written TV shows for major streamers, and worked at nearly every major studio.


Slated's script analysis is, by far, the most comprehensive and professional coverage out there. Our clients are always thrilled with the thorough feedback.

— Nikki Stier Justice, Distribution Executive (Loving Vincent, To Dust, Extra Ordinary) 


Slated’s Script Analysis allows you to know your screenplay’s true quality, and what potential improvements to make.

You’ll get 18 hours of attention from 3 members of Slated’s Development staff. You’ll also receive 10+ pages of incredible notes, plus a Script Score on a 100-point scale.

Script Analysis has proven invaluable to hundreds of filmmakers, and helps immensely in the development process. The scores and feedback are always confidential unless you choose to share them. Script Scores can be used to attract the best producers and investors.

If your project is selected, our EP Services team will provide personalized, hands-on, day-to-day support.

Activate our investor network

Activate our sales and distribution network

Advise on development of the script

Advise on budget and financing structure

Advise on packaging

Introduce to casting directors and talent

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